Accept Responsibility

Accept Responsibility

Educational information for making responsible decisions involving underage drinking, drinking and driving, and binge drinking.

Our Commitment

RESPONSIBILITY: That quiet voice in your head telling you the right thing to do in most situations, and making sure you're prepared to live with the consequences if you fall short.

As the U.S. unit of a global leader in the spirits & wine industry, we at Pernod Ricard USA believe that accepting responsibility is everyone's business, especially when it comes to the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Most of us know the right thing to do, but knowing it and doing it doesn't always go hand in hand. For us, accepting responsibility means creating and supporting programs that help educate everyone about making responsible decisions about drinking.

Accept Responsibility is one example of how we are working to address this issue. Here you will find a range of information about alcohol responsibility that focuses on three major issues:

  • Helping parents educate their children about the dangers of underage drinking
  • Reducing the incidence of drunk driving
  • Educating young adults about the dangers of binge drinking

In addition to educating people about the risks associated with alcoholic beverages, our parent company, Pernod Ricard — in support of the World Health Organization's global strategy to reduce the harmful use of alcohol and in concert with other major spirits and wine marketers — created the "Five Commitments", accepting responsibility as individual companies and as an industry to combat five major issues surrounding the consumption of our products. We encourage you to read the full story to see how we are prepared to help you navigate these complex issues.

The Alcohol Talk

Underage Drinking

Based on contributions we’ve gathered from experts (psychologists, counselors, and professors), parents, and teens themselves, The Alcohol Talk is here to help parents have a real impact on what is one of the most vital social issues facing teens today.